About Us

First of all I’ll tell you the story of how the idea came about creating PetVisible.

I assure you and i advance that our desire to serve the pet audience is very old, and it all started with my dear father, an amazing man, sensitive, intelligent creative, skilled and very talented with manual labor. 

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he was my inspiration.

In addition to my father having awakened my desire and creative side, in addition to manual skills, my mother, along with him, are examples of love and respect for animals.

They dedicated themselves to the rescues and care of dogs, cats, birds, armadillo, monkeys, among other animal species. Many survived, but some had to go, but all had the opportunity to enjoy a dignified life, for they were welcomed and cared for with much love.

When I was three, my parents presented me with a Chihuahua, his name was Vick. 

I remember my father making a necklace for our new puppy, he had bought

a piece of leather in a shoe store, and also a tiny buckle. After manufacturing the necklace, he engraved our phone to the leather using a hot iron tip. About two years later, my puppy ran away. I remember how much I cried, and one day, they called my house informing them that they had found our Vick.

That’s how petvisible’s name came about. A way for pets to become visible.

It was wondering how Vick was found and identified.

As a teenager, my parents and I made clothes to warm up the pets, made beds made with tires and wooden houses for donations.

Years later, I thought about working with something that would do me in every way,

I wanted to unite all my passions in one project: pets, arts, creation and it was important that the work be done by hand.

My desire was to create unique pieces for unique consumers, focusing on always in quality and not in quantity.

And then I met with the best professionals in their respective areas to be able to take our ideas to another level, realization.

Our amazing team is made up of very talented professionals, artists creative and committed to you and our furry friends.

And we are not limited to a single product, we are always working to bring news. Our goal is to expand.

As mentioned, our focus is on developing quality products, and it is very important that we respect the development process of each product.

In addition to having an amazing team, we are all dedicated to animal cause, we are proud of it.

Our brand believes that we should repay with love and gratitude our achievements.

Our paradise

Dogs are our link to paradise. They do not know evil, envy or discontent. Sitting with a dog at the foot of a hill on a beautiful afternoon is like going back to Eden where doing nothing wasn’t boredom, it was peace.