Refund, Returns Policy and disclaimer

All products sold are unique, and because they are unique, it is not possible to create identical parts. There may also be small variations, it should be understood that the whole process is manual, because it is done by hand, it can happen that the product has small imperfections and this is extremely natural.

For example, in wood there may be some cracks characteristic of the material, in the resin can happen small bubbles or waves, on 3D printed objects may happen small gaps or mild imperfections.

These are just a few examples of what you can expect from handmade products. However we can reassure you about that all materials used in our products are chosen with the utmost caution and research, quality and durability. Before items are shipped are carefully analyzed by our team.

For other products we are only resellers, but don’t worry, the products are selected from brands we trust.

We are always aiming at the quality and durability of our products, however, I must point out that each product requires care. Be sure to read about the care of your product, this is important so that you can enjoy it for longer.

For all our products we inform you of the necessary care, but would like to rewrite some important care, for all products sold by PetVisible I must point out that under no circumstances do you use solvents, alcohol, chlorine or any other chemical to clean-los.

All products have a high strength, but still you should be careful with your product, avoid leaving them exposed to heat or moisture excessive for a long period of time. Prevent your pet from biting the accessories and damage the product, labels for example are very resistant, but bites, will leave the labels looking ugly.

As mentioned, the products are highly resistant, make sure to accessories are well placed and used in the correct way, do not we are responsible if your pet damages the product.

When purchasing one of our products, we emphasize that we do not we shall in no event be liable for any accidents such as teeth, intoxication, death or any other physical or caused to pets or humans.

When requesting the information on the back of the pet label, make sure that the data provided is correct before performing the order. We are not responsible for wrong names, numbers or QR Code invalid, these are not being exchanged.

Use each product for what was intended, avoid accidents. Our products are not suitable for children and other purposes other than suggest.

Our refund guarantee is 5 days, and the shipping fee of the return of the product is the responsibility of the customer.

By purchasing our products you are aware of and in accordance with these guidelines.